KR-030 Topaz

The strutless high wing created with attention to every detail.
Elegant - fast - comfortable

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Designed to enjoy. Meet KR-030 Topaz.

Comfortable - Economical - Safe - Elegant.

The strutless high wing in a "side by side" arrangement. The construction is based on monocoque, entirely made of carbon and glass fabrics.

The applied wing profile NN-1817 gives very good and safe flight properties. Low stall speed and no tendency to go into the tailspin forgives many mistakes made by inexperienced pilots. Furthermore, this profile is not very sensitive to pollution and rainfall.

•Economical - average fuel consumption at cruising speed 14-16 l / h for PB 95 petrol. At lower speeds of 140-150 km/h , the aircraft is satisfied with 8 liters of PB 95 per hour of flight. Combined with 100-liter fuel tanks, we get a range of up to 1,800 km.

• Safe - equipped with a GRS parachute rescue system that allows in the case of a serious fault to safely bring the plane with the crew to the ground.

• Approved for towing gliders and banners.

Topaz in numbers

The numbers speak for themselves. See why Topaz.

  • cruising speed 200 km / h
  • climbing up to 8 m/s
  • range up to 1800 km
  • take-off run 100 m / landing run 100 m
  • fuel consumption 9 l / h
  • maximum speed 240
  • VNE speed – 240
  • produced over 300 pcs.

200 km/h
cruising speed
6 m/s
climb speed
1800 km
9 l/h
fuel consumption
100 m
take-off run
100 m
landing run
240 km/h
maximum speed
240 km/h
VNE speed
Standard equipment
plane equipment image

Rich equipment with the possibility of personalization.

The comfortable 120 cm wide cockpit easily accommodates a 195 cm tall pilot. The ergonomic layout of the dashboard and all levers and switches ensures comfortable piloting of the aircraft even on on long flights in difficult conditions, and the two-axis autopilot will take You on the road and allow You to rest for a while. Standard equipment can be enriched with a number of additional options ensuring additional safety and comfort of use.

Topaz in the world

KR-030 Topaz has been recognized by pilots around the world.

Our planes can be found in any latitude. We fly on 7 continents! We have certificates in several countries.

  • Junior
  • Topaz
  • Elf
What do our clients say about us?

We are looking for distributors for our aircraft.

If you are interested in cooperation regarding the sale and operation of our aircraft, please contact us.

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