Meet the KR-010 Elf

A one-person motor glider designed for recreational flying


Designed with attention
to every detail.

KR-010 Elf

    FUSELAGE - shell structure, made of two assemblies; tail boom integral with the vertical stabilizer and the main cockpit part of the fuselage permanently connected to each other.

    COCKPIT - one-piece cockpit canopy that opens to the side, equipped with handles and locks, in the open position it is supported on a string.

    Ergonomic interior enabling easy use also for larger Pilots. The pilot's seat is adjusted by using the appropriate thickness of the seat and backrest.

    WING - bipartite, equipped with slotted flaperons and optionally with aerodynamic brakes. Proven and effective, contamination-resistant NN-1817 wing profile commonly used in glider structures Of the Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska), such as PW5, PW6, AOS71.

    TAIL-PLANE - in the classic arrangement. UNDERCARRIAGE - fixed, tricycle with a front wheel. The resilient main landing gear leg is made of composite. The front wheel is controlled thanks to a system of levers and pushrods on the pedals, allowing a 15 degree turn to each side.

    Airframe control systems:

    AILERONS - applied along the entire span except for the elliptical tips of the wing. The joystick movements are transmitted to the ailerons through a rigid tappet - lever system.

    FLAPS - controlled by buttons on the joystick.The drive is realized by a rigid system of tappets, torsion tubes and levers translating the energy of the electric actuator's movement into the flap deflection. The range of deflections is from -6º to + 15º, with the -6º value being the neutral position in in the trailing edge plane.

    ELEVATOR - joystick movements are transferred to the elevator by a rigid tappet-lever system.

    RUDDER - the movements of the pedals are transmitted to the rudder by a cable-lever system, moreover, there is a coupling with the wheel of the front landing gear.

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Standard equipment

Comfort and safety as standard
KR-010 Elf


  • 2T Tornado 280 engine with 32 HP
  • electrically operated flaps
  • brakes on main wheels
  • steerable front wheel
  • cockpit ventilation
  • fuel tank 18 l
  • speedometer, altimeter, variometer
  • engine parameter monitor
  • flap position indicator
  • fuel gauge

cruising speed
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Technical data

Innovative solutions combined with
advanced technology.

wingspan 10,73 m
bearing surface 10,5 m2
length 5,45 m
height 208 cm
empty weight 120 kg
maximum weight (with GRS) 250 kg
take-off weight 250 kg
cruising speed 128 km/h
maximum speed 142 km/h
stall speed 55 km/h
climb speed 3,9 m/s
take-off run 100 m
landing run 50 m


engine power 80 KM
fuel tank capacity 86 l
fuel consumption 10 l/h
wingspan 10,58 m
bearing surface 10,1 m2
length 5,95 m
height 2,3 m
empty weight (with GRS) 305 kg
maximum weight (with GRS) 472,5 kg
LSA take-off weight (with GRS) 472,5 kg (LSA 560 kg)
cruising speed 189 km/h
maximum speed horizontal flight 210 km/h
Vne speed 240 km/h
stall speed 65 km/h
climb speed 6 m/s
take-off run 80 m
landing run 100 m