EKOLOT is independent, self-financing company.

Company director: Henryk Słowik

He is responsible for company general operation, including marketing and supplies.

Chief designer: Jerzy Krawczyk

62 years old, graduated from Warsaw Polytechnics – Aircraft Design Department. 35 years of experience in designing aircrafts. He worked as aircraft designer in Mielec, where he took part in works on M-15, M-17, M-18 and the first version of IRYDA (design of undercarriage). Then he worked in WSK Krosno, where he worked on his first prototype of ULM aircraft. Unfortunately, due to economic reason, the airplane was not implemented for production. He also designed Puchatek, a two-seat training glider, which was certified in Australia, USA, Britain, Russia and former Yugoslavia.

Following Krawczyk projects were developed in EKOLOT: