German certificate for Topaz KR-030

After several years of research and testing, the German Aviation Authority, represented by the German company DULV, issued a type certificate for the Ekolot company from Krosno for the KR-030 Topaz aircraft. It is the second ever certificate issued by the German authorities for a Polish construction in this category of aircraft. The holder of the first certificate is also the construction of the Ekolot company, which is the JK-05 Junior ultralight plane. Receiving these certificates opens new markets for Ekolot. The Ekolot company was also the first in Poland to receive certificates for its constructions. The certificates were issued by the Civil Aviation Authority in Warsaw with number 1 for the JK-05 Junior and number 2 for the KR-030 Topaz aircraft. It was on these Ekolot constructions that the Polish aviation regulations in this category of aircraft were implemented.