Piotr, PPL(A)

I have been flying Topaz recreationally for 4 years, I flew more than 600 hours and the machine has already over 1200. I have flown many ultralight aircraft and GA, Topaz is unquestionably the most thoughtful and mature machine I have used. It works great in longer tourist flights - I have been to Denmark, Sweden, Romania, on the islands in the North Sea ... without worrying about safety and comfort. We fly from a small and difficult airport on a daily basis (Wilga - 600 m of grass, 20 m forest on the approach from both sides, a 20 m wide runway), where Topaz is doing great. The plane is easy and pleasant to fly, there is a lot of space in the cockpit, the quality of the finish and equipment is very high. Importantly, the manufacturer is constantly improving the design based on users' suggestions, I have watched many Topazes and each subsequent one is getting better. It is definitely worth investing in the Kanardia glass cockpit, which has enormous possibilities, the adjustable propeller also gives a lot (we installed the Electric Woodcomp), although the basic version (Peszke) worked quite well, the difference is visible when operating from short runways. The airframe operation is very intuitive, and the support from Ekolot is exemplary.