Remek, pilot PPL(A)

I am a happy owner of Topaz for four years now, together with my partner we have flown over 1200 hours during this period, for such an intensive operation, over 300 hours a year, I am very positively surprised by the durability of the aircraft, resistance to errors in piloting and its durability. Topaz gives a lot of flying pleasure, especially above the clouds, as heights of 9000ft for the versions with an 80HP engine are not a problem. I really appreciate the contact with the manufacturer (at this point greetings to Mr. Henryk), the quality of the service, the availability of parts, and thus practically the possibility of flying as soon as the weather allows. For those who count costs, I will add that they will be very pleased with the low maintenance and servicing costs. The quality of workmanship at a very high level, and the list of equipment is remarkable. When ordering, I recommend the configuration with the auto pilot and the variable pitch propeller, which give a lot of fun and improve safety on short runways with trees at the threshold. High flights, perfect landings and see you at the airports / airfields.