Leszek Sutkowski, pilot

I have been the owner of Topaz for 2 years - before that I flew professionally in the army 22 years on fast and in civilian 23 years on large airplanes.
Flying Topaz is a great pleasure, it is easy to piloting, very well equipped, it flies quickly and far.
Plus it's just pretty (elegant)
In the army, I flew on Migs 21, now retired Topaz is my F-16 (joystick on the right, power lever on the left) - super cab ergonomics.
I sincerely recommend it, it is a really good Polish product.
I will add something more about the crew of the EKOLOT factory in Krosno, where this aircraft is produced.
In February of this year, I participated in a training-symposium for owners of aircraft manufactured there.
The entire organization of the training at a very high level.

People working there, engineers are outstanding professionals and aviation enthusiasts, headed by Mr. Henryk Słowik, shared their knowledge and experience with us.

There was also the main designer of the aircraft, Mr. Jerzy Krawczyk.

We were shown the production halls, you could see the entire process of building my aircraft in detail and hear the answer to every question asked.

One more important thing.

3 weeks ago my aircraft was damaged (horizontal stabilizer) during hangaring.


The plane has been in the air many times since then.
This is what it looks like when we are in need and we have our Polish plane manufactured at the EKOLOT factory in Krosno.

With air greetings

Leszek Sutkowski🤙😀

May 2020